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PlanetGive® Online Charitable Giving Platform Launches in the US

Everyone Can Be a Philanthropist, and Every Tax-Exempt Nonprofit Can Benefit

 Reports show 2016 was America’s most generous year ever, with total giving up 4.1% to $373 billion. Giving is predicted to grow by 4.3% in 2017, as online, mobile and social giving gain traction, buoyed by Millennials changing the philanthropic landscape.

ATLANTA, Georgia – April 19, 2017 – Purpose, meaning and social connections play critical roles in our lives, and they take center stage on the innovative new online charitable giving platform, PlanetGive, launching on Earth Day, April 22nd, 2017. PlanetGive users can share their purpose, populate a profile page with the causes they love, connect with friends in a Circle of Giving, and donate to each other’s favorite charities whenever the occasion arises, be it birthdays, holidays, celebrations, and even in remembrance of others. The platform’s integrated database of 2.2 million tax returns from IRS tax-exempt nonprofit organizations provides users with an easy way to find and vet charities they want to support.

  • Registration and use of the secure platform are free of charge
  • All donations made on PlanetGive are tax-deductible
  • Registered users receive an up-to-date private Personal Giving Report
  • The site’s social media tools make it simple for users to tell the world what they are passionate about and to collaborate with others in enriching our planet.

PlanetGive is the brainchild of Alli Allen, co-founder of Second Helpings Atlanta and serial volunteer-mom, who recognized that by connecting the causes we support, the people we care about, and the occasions we celebrate and observe throughout the year, personal charitable giving will grow exponentially, benefitting nonprofits across the country. “My goal is to enhance the online giving experience and increase charitable contributions by redefining what it means to give meaningful gifts,” says Allen. “PlanetGive cultivates a giver’s purpose into an expression of their charitable passions in a personal, meaningful, and shareable way. This platform looks, feels, and inspires doing good like no other.”

It’s simple for nonprofits to receive contributions from PlanetGive users (aka PlanetGivers) – there is no application process or fee. All tax-exempt nonprofits that encourage their donors to register on PlanetGive and add their charity to the donor’s PlanetGive profile page displaying their favorite charities will receive the contribution whenever someone selects their charity to support on behalf of that donor. This is a true cause for celebration!

Join the celebration!

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