deliver a whole new experience of giving

Our mission is to deliver a transformative experience of charitable giving, making it a meaningful journey that sparks personal passion and inspires individuals to act. Through PlanetGive, fuel powerful change in the world.


more meaningful

PlanetGive helps you identify your passions, align your interests with philanthropic organizations, learn what your friends are passionate about, and support charities that impact our planet in a significant way.

more collaborative

We add multiple dimensions to collaborative giving, such as involving your friends and family in a Circle of Giving, honoring others and celebrating events by making meaningful donations to your friends’ favorite charities, letting others know what your purpose is, and inspiring others to “donate it forward.”

more powerful

Combining social networking with charitable giving makes giving exponential. An individual gift inspires others to give, and supporting nonprofits together becomes more of an everyday event.

Ultimately, PlanetGive encourages more charitable giving by enhancing and elevating the overall giving experience. Together, we can enrich our planet and our lives!